Had we not been introduced to MasonKnight just over a year ago, we would probably not now have a beautifully refurbished house currently let, and pre-let for 2016/17, at a very agreeable rent.The team at MasonKnight offer the whole package - help and support at the purchase stage if required, and then micro-management throughout the refurbishment programme. They handle all problems as they come along and, if they cant fix every problem, they certainly know a man (or woman) who can !! MasonKnight project teams creativity is amazing - they have a flair for design and an ability to utilise every square inch of a property, putting showers in stairwells or making a bathroom from a cupboard.We shall always be grateful to them for their help and guidance and would highly recommend MasonKnight to any residential investors

Paula and David Thompson

Having previously been both a landlord and a tenant and also having helped three children find student rental accommodation my experiences were all bad.Management Companies who did not know or have the slightest interest in the meaning of Customer Service, were difficult to communicate with and did not care about of their customers be that the tenant or the landlord.I have previously not enjoyed being a landlord and have been appalled at the conditions that both agents and landlords were prepared to accept for students to live in.In short I had lost all faith.I am pleased to say that having been put in touch with MasonKnight I was totally surprised to find that they were communicative and clear about their standards and expectations and more than happy to demonstrate this. It was so good to find that their focus was to provide great customer service to both their tenants and their landlords.They are clear in what they expect from their investors and what they will do in return and also that they will look after their tenants with the same respect.Truly a breath of fresh air!

Graham Hughes

When we moved to the UK in 2012 and literally camped in MasonKnights offices trying to find a place to live. Since then they have provided us with two properties, helped move us into them, helped me start my own business and have been available 24 hours a day to lend a helping hand. I have never and probably never will find an estate agents that goes that extra mile for their clients like them. Looking forward to many more years of the experience. Thanks.

Shaun and Sally Martin

It would not be an exaggeration to say that you have changed my life!Having been a landlord in Selly Oak for over 10 years, I was becoming increasingly disillusioned with the role of landlord and was even contemplating selling my portfolio. Despite having good properties in excellent locations I was beginning to suffer from the following issues: Not having access to quality builders/tradesmen without feeling I was being taken for a "ride"; Starting to suffer from void periods/partially filled properties; Not being able to find a decent managing agent who would actively market my properties; Having to spend more and more time at my properties dealing with snagging issues which was having a detrimental effect on both my career and, more importantly, family life;Then I was given your phone number. Two days later you had managed to let my property despite the fact that we were already into term time. I was incredibly impressed with your speed & efficiency, and most importantly your philosophy which is very much in keeping with my own. You are clearly focused on providing your tenants with rewarding experience and quality accommodation at a fair price, everything else then just fits into place.It was obvious straightaway that I could hand over the reins to an expert and that you would firstly advise on and then carry out improvements to my properties. Now looking back two years later, how things have changed. I have, with your help, trebled my portfolio and with the confidence you have installed in me, am now looking to grow my business further in the coming years.I do not regard our relationship as a "normal" landlord/agent service at all - Instead I look at it as a true business partnership. I cannot speak highly enough of your services; my only regret is that I was not fortunate enough to be introduced to you earlier.I look forward to many more years of being in business together.

Chris Phillips - Independent Financial Adviser

As a landlord it is so important to have someone you can totally rely on, and I very much appreciate how MasonKnight works on behalf of both the landlords and the tenants. I have known MasonKnight for over 6 years and they have always been dedicated in providing students with housing of a good to outstanding standard.The team at MasonKnight are really friendly, dynamic and professional, they are absolutely focused on looking after my interests which makes me feel I am in good hands. They also consistently supply high quality tenants for my properties. Outstanding service!

Mark Werner – Student let Landlord