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Key Workers Discount Scheme

Masonknight Properties is working in partnership with Paradigm Shift Housing Limited to support our Key Workers.

Paradigm Shift Housing -A Permanent Thank You for Key Workers

At Paradigm Shift Housing we believe that Key Workers want, need and deserve more than a “pat on the back” or clapping in the streets. This is not a political position on who deserves what when it comes to remuneration or respect, just a way of dealing with reality.

Key Workers find it difficult to find quality housing they can afford in the places they need or want to live. This is why Paradigm Shift Housing was set up.

At Paradigm Shift Housing we listen to what our tenants need and are constantly looking at new ways that we can help create that Permanent Thank You.

The Current offer:

High-quality housing where you need it- Quality is the keyword when we choose properties to buy. The house needs to be in excellent condition with furniture and fittings that you would expect in quality houses. We look for properties close to where Key Workers work (hospitals, schools etc) and with excellent public transport links. Once we find a suitable property we ensure is as close to “new” as we can get it with redecoration and re-carpeting.

Fair Rents-We offer fair rents to our Key Worker tenants so they are not over-charged.

Council Tax Payment-Tenants have a legal responsibility to register and pay Council Tax during their tenancy. On each anniversary of occupancy, we will reimburse the Council Tax payments provided the tenant has looked after the property as if it was their own.

Managing Agent –We have partnered with a Managing Agent who actually cares and actually does what they say they will do. Our commitment is simple -if it needs fixing it gets fixed, if it needs replacing it gets replaced.

Other Offers – We are always talking to local and national businesses to offer discounts to our Key Worker tenants and will aim to send these through on a quarterly basis. This could be discounts on restaurants and takeaways, discounts on local childcare or shopping.